Monday, December 19, 2016

A white-collar prisoner the only one who talks to Rafael Uribe Noguera in La Picota

By: Las2orillas | December 15, 2016 | Photo: illustrationThe courtyard known as the Special Treatment Unit, where Rafael Uribe Noguera is detained, is one of the most comfortable and safe in the La Picota prison, inhabited by extraditables and other prisoners linked to financial scandals.  

One of them is Carlos Andrés Méndez Gómez, who was arrested in May 2015 for the collapse of commissioner Torres Cortés S.A and was chosen to act as coordinator of human rights in the court. 
 Carlos Andrés Méndez is the only person other than the guards who has contact and communication with Uribe Noguera who last Sunday was questioned by prosecutor 121 of the unit of life of the prosecution and confessed to having abused and murdered the younger Yuliana Samboni.  

Rafael Uribe Noguera receives frequent calls from his mother, María Isabel Noguera de Uribe, without always reacting in a good way.

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