Wednesday, December 14, 2016

About the Satanism/Luciferian aspect in #Pizzagate A message to Citizen Investigators.

Satanic Ritual Abuse of children has been going on for a very, very long time.

I have been avidly following and doing my small part to contribute to the exposing of #pizzagate, like many others.

One thing that has bothered me a tiny bit about our awesome and inspiring citizen investigation, is the schism amongst researchers to address the Satanic Ritual component of the abuse.

  In my opinion to omit the Satanism/Luciferian aspect of the allegations is to deny the existence of a massive elephant in the room.

 As someone who has been researching SRA and conspiracies surrounding it for about 20 years, I have seen the free media coverage and mainstream coverup of various scandals, such as the Dutroux Affair, Hampstead, Jimmy Savile, Catholic priests, Rabbis, etc.

I have also researched Mk-ultra, Franklin, McMartin, and many other historical cases, like Hassan-i Sabbah and the Hashishans, the Templars, Medieval Popes, etc. The list goes on and on.

The major connecting factor in many of these seemingly unrelated events over the course of hundreds or thousands of years is a Luciferian/Satanism agenda being carried out by multigenerational Satanic families.

These families infiltrate every other culture, group, or organization. They then work in collusion towards their secret agenda, but with the protection of plausable deniability.

They operate through a myriad of secret societies, which adds smoke and confusion to their trail for anyone trying to investigate.

Satanism is the underlying lynchpin amongst the Masons, Jesuits, OTO, Rosicrucians, Royal Families, International Bankers, Intelligence Agencies, International Drug Cartels, Sabbatean-Frankists, Bilderburgers, Bohemian Grove, and a million other groups and secret societies, all working for evil.

I understand completely that not everyone is Christian, or even religious.

The thing is, these people doing these horrible things, DO BELIEVE. They believe in their Magick, their rituals, their dark gods, EVEN THE BIBLE. 

Except they play for the other side.

No matter how absolutely ridiculous and improbable, you think it is that prominent politicians, movie stars, singers are dressing up in cloaks and masks like Eyes Wide Shut, you must remember, they believe in it whole-heartedly.

They believe in Satanism/Luciferianism as fervently and fanatically as any muslim suicide bomber believes in the Koran as he detonates his bomb vest.

To deny the Satanic Ritual Abuse aspect is to deny a powerful weapon we have to combat these scum.

I say this because the way the ruling powers live, is so dark and alien, so offensive and terrifying and sickening, that any normal person realizing the reality will be filled with righteous indignation, and be inspired and compelled to take up arms in the struggle against these monsters.

I could go on and on and list links to Satanic Ritual Abuse of children and links to articles, but at this point, there is over 100 years of documentable evidence.

From Kinsey to #Pizzagate the cat is out of the bag. Now we just need to keep shining light on it.

Normal folks that think we are tin hatters, can't fathom why the elite would do or be involved in such deplorable actions. This is a major hurdle in our credibility to the masses.

They can't imagine the evil and depravity involved, nor can they imagine a reason or MOdus Operandi, for why the elites would do this, therefore we sound crazy.

By not exposing the twisted belief system of the elites and the motive for why they would do what we are alleging, we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

We need to, as a whole, acknowledge the evil aspect to this whole God forsaken affair.

I don't care what your personal beliefs are.

 If you are actively trying to help be the NEW and FREE media, and help expose these perverts, then you need to help expose the whole perversity.

Always remember, THEIR Satanism/Luciferianism can't make us lose credibility for reporting what THEY believe in and partake in.

If you are going to report the truth, report the truth, not the truth you think won't make people uncomfortable.

People should be uncomfortable. This is a disgusting and horrible thing we have uncovered.

Thanks for reading. In the words of the rapper Mac Mall, "this is my opinion."

I'm leaving you with a list of Satanic Ritual Abuse Convictions:

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