Monday, December 19, 2016

Investigation reveals "Macabre Ritual" in slaying of 7 year old Yuliana Samboni

Yesterday, investigators released confirmations of a ritual element to the rape and murder of a 7 year old Colombian girl named Yuliana Samboni, at the hands of a wealthy architect from a politically connected elite family.

A reporter viewed a leaked Police Document in which Investigators cited a ribbon tied in a bow, found on the victims body as well as female under garments not belonging to the victim, or the accused, and the oil used to bathe the victims body as evidence of ritual being performed. They also added the evidence insinuates the ritual was performed several times prior.

Last week investigators had confirmed a second set of dental bite marks not belonging to accused killer Rafael Uribe, on the victims body.

The investigation has also been dogged by rumors of corruption and a police coverup, as well as the accused's brother and sister being evasive and duplicitous throughout the investigation, (and possibly participating in the ritual aspect in the crime and destruction of evidence afterwards) and the "suicide" of a security guard at the hotel where the crime took place, after he initially cooperated with investigators.

The cooking oil has become a key part of the investigation because not only the ritual component it implies, but also because the evidence points to two days after the murder, that Francisco and Catalina, (Rafael Uribe's brother & sister) arrived on the crime scene before Police, but after they had been interrogated by the Police, and used it to also try and cover up any forensic clues.

Rafael Uribe is seen on surveillance footage from Equus 66 purchasing the very same oil found on Yuliana Samboni's body only two hours after she was kidnapped. Neither Francisco or Catalina were mentioned in the police documents.

This evidence further points to a culture of Satanic Rituals and Pedophilia among the global elite, as has recently come to light via the pizzagate investigations that have rocked the internet and social media.

There is mountains of evidence to support this is not an isolated event, but that it's practice is global in scope, and involves the richest and most powerful of high society.

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