Monday, December 19, 2016

The 20 key witnesses in the murder of Yuliana at the hands of Rafael Uribe Noguera

The Prosecutor's Office managed to identify relatives, neighbors and judicial investigators who with their version gave force to the accusation in which 60 years of jail is demanded

By: Gustavo Rugeles | December 19, 2016 

The 20 key witnesses in the murder of Yuliana at the hands of Rafael Uribe NogueraThe Attorney General of Néstor Humberto Martínez requested a 60-year jail term for Rafael Uribe Noguera for the rape, torture and murder of the girl Yuliana Samboní. Through this indictment the Prosecutor's Office reports in detail and chronologically the events that occurred on December 4 between 9:30 am, the time it was abducted, and 9:45 pm when it was found dead in the Equus 66 building. 
The indictment filed in record time against Uribe Noguera was based on images captured in security cameras and the contributions of twenty witnesses, many of whom had not spoken publicly and whose sworn statements the Attorney General obtained. Here are some of the people who gave the key testimony for the prosecution to build its version on the case: 
Jubencio Sambony: Father of Juliana to whom the Public Prosecutor's Office collected his testimony on December 4, 2016, the same day that Yuliana was kidnapped and murdered. 
Cesar Jaramillo Chaverra: This is the security guard of the Equus 64 building who provided the entrance ticket of the vehicle of Uribe Noguera to his place of residence and the list of all residents of the building to whom the Prosecutor and the CTI sought to interview 
Rodrigo Anduquia Garay: She is a security guard in the Equus 66 building where Yuliana was found dead. Although he was not the person on duty during the hours of the crime, he provided key information on the activities of Rafael Uribe Noguera in this apartment that was uninhabited but used frequently for his bacchanales. 
Hugo Nelson Rodríguez Bernal: Neighbor and friend of the younger Yuliana Samboni. He told how he saw from a distance that the truck of Rafael Uribe kidnapped the younger. He lives in the Calderón neighborhood in Chapinero Alto. 
Nilva Velazco Muñoz: Aunt of Yuliana who was heard by the Public Prosecutor's Office. 
Rosa Elina Gonzales: General Service Employee of the Equus Building 64. 
Monica Suarez Villareal: General Service Employee of the Equus Building 64. 
María Susana Chávez: General Service Employee of the Equus Building 64. 
Juan Carlos Junca: Neighbor of Rafael Uribe Noguera resident in the building Equus 66. 
Luis Alberto Suarez Fino: The messenger who took the address requested by Rafael Uribe to the Equus 66 building where Yuliana appeared dead: a jar of cooking oil and some cigarettes to the place where Yuliana passed away.

INVESTIGATOR WITNESSESThe investigators of the case including the Gaula agents, the Sijin of the Police and the CTI were key in the facts. It was the people who located the body of Yuliana. They would have arrived at the apartment where the body was guided by the brother of the murderer lawyer Francisco Uribe Noguera. 

Jefferson Giraldo Orozco: Police patrolman of Sijin who delivered the inspection report to the embossed corpse in the Equus 66 building in race number 66 - 14. 
Gabriel Alejandro Niño: Police Captain who delivered the executive report (FPJ3) on December 5, 2016 in which he gives an account of the previous activity carried out by the Sijin group that inspected the corpse. 
Álvaro Rincón Should: Intendant of the Police Sijin who participates in the inspection of the body and also subscribes the executive report (FPJ3) 
Javier Armando Patiño Rojas: Intendant of the Police of Bogota who made a report of technical inspection of the corpse (FPJ10). 
Luis Orlando Pinzón: Intendant who is part of the Laboratory of Criminalistics of the Sijin who also participated in the technical inspection of the corpse of Yuliana. He took photographs of the juvenile's body and crime scene, apartment 603 of Equus 66 located in Carrera 4 at number 66 - 14. 
Javier Armando Patiño: Agent of the Sijin who made the first report and investigation was once denounced the kidnapping of Yuliana. 
William Caballero Lozano: Police patrolman who received the first report of the kidnapping of Yuliana and initiated the actions to look for the child that was found more than eight hours after the denunciation. 
Jefferson Giraldo: Investigator of the Sijin who made the inspection to the truck where Yuliana was kidnapped and garments of his clothes were found. 
Sindy Alberto Sánchez: Criminal investigator of the Sikhin who subscribes to the trade that indicates that the truck where Yuliana was kidnapped belongs to the sister-in-law of Rafael Uribe, Laura Arboleda Watemberg. 
José Fernando Gonzáles: Sijin official who brings the photos and videos of the crime scene to the Public Prosecutor's Office with their respective registration and chain of custody.The trial against Rafael Uribe Noguera will be next year.

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