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The Strange Case of Yuliana Samboni

Ok, so the timing just couldn't be any more tragic.

As #pizzagate shakes the foundations of the international power structure due to unprecedented outrage and citizen investigation into a human trafficking satanic child sex, torture and sacrifice ring, involving the Podesta brothers, and other prominent DC insiders, another scandal maybe not so far removed is taking place in Colombia.

The news in Colombia has been taken by storm by the case of the kidnapping, rape and murder of an innocent 7 year old girl named Yuliana Samboni, by a Rafael Uribe Noguera, a man from a wealthy and powerful family with political ties.

 (Uribe is also the surname of former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe who was a Plan Colombia Dubya Bush era crony)

Yuliana Samboni

The people of Colombia are outraged at the way the crime is being handled, and social media has erupted in condemnation.

For those not familiar with the details of the case here is a translation of the time line from this article:

Timeline translation (from google so it's not perfect):

 To help you understand the facts, here is a summary of what the investigations show so far, and the elements that have been discovered by the authorities. 

1.- In the morning hours of Sunday, December 4, the girl Yuliana Samboni, 7, disappeared from the door of her house, where she played; A humble neighborhood in the town of Chapinero, north of Bogota. 

2.- From the security cameras and the information of the witnesses, from the first moment it was learned that the driver of the Nissan X-Trail silverside and of plates BOD 960 had taken the girl. 

3.-Police located the owner of the automotive, Rafael Uribe's sister-in-law, around 1 pm and agreed to an appointment at the CAI of the 7th race with 72nd street. There, upon learning the seriousness of the event, the Lawyer Francisco Uribe explained that the car had been given to the architect and took the police to the current housing site of Rafael Uribe, where neither the vehicle nor the vehicle appeared, according to El Tiempo newspaper. 

4.- According to the first information, Rafael Uribe Noguera, belonging to a well-known Bogota family linked to construction and designated as the alleged perpetrator of the crime, moved in his truck on Sunday, December 4, in hours of the Tomorrow, to the neighborhood Bosque Calderon where he would have intercepted the child in a van against his will, RCN said. 

5.- At 7:30 pm on Sunday, December 4, the girl was found dead with signs of torture and sexual violence in a luxurious apartment belonging to the family of 38-year-old architect Rafael Uribe Noguera. 

6.- Legal Medicine examined the body of the child under the age of 7 and obtained abundant and sufficient evidence that "allows us to prove that the cause of death was mechanical asphyxia, suffocation and strangulation. Shows that he was subjected to sexual abuse, "said Carlos Valdés, director of Legal Medicine Monday night. 

7. The body was found naked and covered with oil in the hydraulic compartment of the jacuzzi of apartment 603 of the building Equus 66. The girl's clothing was in the plumbing of the toilet, which indicates that they tried to disappear by that route. 

8.-In the carriage managed by Rafael Uribe was found one of the girl's shoes and, in the house, the other shoe, part of his clothes and a handle 

9. The Colombian Public Prosecutor's Office revealed that some people attempted to modify the crime scene to obstruct justice. Because of this, the investigation will not be limited to Uribe Noguera, but will be extended to other people who allegedly participated in the events (the brothers). 

10.- The Colombian authorities issued an arrest warrant for Uribe Noguera on Monday 5 and the following day he was taken to the court for the start of his hearing, because the suspect was admitted to a Bogotá clinic under a drug overdose . 

11.-The brothers of the suspect were summoned to testify to the Prosecutor's Office and among other things they had to answer What happened in those hours in which the three brothers were in the apartment? Who hid the garments and the corpse? Who bathed the body of the child in cooking oil to erase evidence? Who hid the body? Why did not they notify the authorities from the first moment they were with Rafael? Why did not they mention that second apartment in the Equus building at the beginning of the afternoon, when the Gaula. 

12.-In the hearing where a prosecutor managed to have Uribe Noguera sent to prison, new indications were known against the suspect. According to the prosecution, Rafael Uribe "recorded the children and offered them money." 

13.- The Colombian National Police transferred Rafael Uribe Noguera to the La Picota jail in Bogotá, accused of kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of seven-year-old Yuliana indigenous girl Andrea Samboni. 

14.-After more than seven hours of hearing in the judicial complex of Paloquemao of the Colombian capital, where he was transferred last night the accused from the hospital in which he was confined by a "crisis", judge 79 of control of guarantees He dictated assurance and decided to send him to jail. 

15.-Several local media report that although Uribe declared himself "innocent" of all the charges against him, the arguments the judge considered for prosecution include "a danger to society, a threat to society." The victim's next of kin and a person who can obstruct the judicial process continues. "

16. On December 9, Colombian authorities found the vigilante of the exclusive building where the body of Yuliana Samboní appeared, and the body of Fernando Merchán Murillo, 58, was found inside his house In the El Tintal neighborhood in southwest Bogotá, confirmed the police who began investigating the causes of his death. 

17. Merchan Murillo was the guard who was on duty the day the girl was murdered, and it was he who wrote in The book of news that the suspect's brothers and sisters (Catalina and Francisco) had entered and left the building hours before the child's body was found. 

18.-Relatives and relatives of Rafael Uribe Noguera, suspected of kidnapping, rape, torture and Murder of the girl Yuliana Andrea Samboni, of seven years, who shook to Colombia, made a pact of silence around its past, revealed the newspaper the Time. 

19.-Although close associates were united in a campaign of "cleaning" In social networks to erase the history of the 38-year-old architect, former study and work associates have reconstructed episodes that the Prosecutor's Office traces about aggressive behavior and possible involvement in a pedophile network. Some of his former colleagues claimed that his aggressive features were notorious and that he was addicted to liquor, drugs and prostitutes.  

20.- From the same moment of knowing the kidnapping of the girl the population of Bogota has maintained in protest demanding justice and rejecting the Dantesque crime. Even the girl's funeral, in her hometown, was accompanied by a crowd.

So as you can see very many things don't add up or we are not being told the whole truth.

In an interesting reddit post in r/conspiracy a user known as Chief Videos pointed out the following strange links to the Clinton foundation, via the accused's father who is dean of architecture at the university of Bogota.

Here is a re-post of what Chief Videos posted (taken verbatim) :

archive of original reddit post:

A few things about this seemingly independent case have struck me as odd. Some articles are in Spanish and may need to be translated through Chrome.
1 - FBI involvement in the case²
Why would FBI agents come to Colombia to aid a seemingly isolated child abduction case? This article states that officers will focus on deciphering forms of communication from before, during, and after the kidnapping.
2 - Rafael Noguera & his family³
Rafael Noguera comes from a wealthy and distinguished family. His father Rafael Rivera is Dean of Architecture at Javeriana University in Bogotá, his mother Maria Noguera is a legal representative for Lascaux Constructions Company, and his brother Francisco Noguera works at prestigious law firm Brigard & Urrutia.⁴ Carlos Urrutia, founder of the firm and former Colombian Ambassador to the United States, was forced to resign after investigators uncovered his involvement in the illegal purchase of protected peasant land holdings by multinational companies (including US food giant Cargill Inc., Colombian sugar company Riopaila, and financial firm Grupo Aval).⁵
Investigators have since opened up an investigation into Rafael's brother Francisco Noguera, stating the crime scene was manipulated by more than one person.⁶ Police are looking at what involvement the family played, as Rafael's siblings were present after the kidnapping and before police arrived.⁷
3 - Javeriana University and the Clinton Foundation
Rafael Uribe Noguera attended Javeriana University, where his thesis titled ‘Sustainable Housing Complex For Low - Income Families’ focused on the Calderon Forest neighborhood, the same neighborhood where Yuliana Samboni was taken on the morning of December 4th.⁸ Previously mentioned, the father was Dean of Architecture at the University, with one former student calling him ‘a totally evil being’ who ’viewed the poor as animals, without any rights⁹.’
The wikipedia page for the University states that they participate in ‘volunteer programs with Mission Country Colombia, working in the areas most affected by social inequality and armed conflict in the country.’¹⁰
And lastly, a 2014 initiative by the Clinton Foundation (with a budget of $250,000) committed to developing programs in Colombia that would ‘devote at least 50% of its coverage to girls and women involved in the social impact space.’ Among the small list of partners is the Javeriana University.¹¹
4 - Areas of interest
Fernando Merchen, the doorman of the Rafael Noguera's building, was found dead 5 days after Yuliana was murdered. Although police found a suicide note, they have not ruled out foul play.¹²
Perhaps the biggest area of investigation should be the Clinton Foundation and their previous involvement in Colombia. One article, titled ‘Clinton Foundation’s Toxic Legacy in Colombia,’ investigates the unscrupulous dealings of the charity - with one union official saying he’s unsure of their involvement ‘other than exploiting poverty and extracting money.’¹³
Final person of interest is Frank Giustera, one of the wealthiest donors to the foundation.¹⁴ Giustera is close with Bill Clinton, who reportedly set up meetings with Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, after which Giustra obtained permission for his timber company to log in Colombia.¹⁵

So, some very high strangeness indeed.  So much so that Colombians have taken to the streets and erupted with criticism on social media.

The way the Police have handled the case has been suspect from the start. Francisco Uribe Noguera, initially didn't call the police back when they contacted him about his brother Rafael using his wife's (Francisco's wife) car to kidnap a 7 year old girl.

When Francisco did finally contact them hours later, he took them to look for his brother and conveniently failed to mention the families luxury apartment at Equus 66, a building built by the accused killer Rafael, who was an architect by trade.

They let Francisco go free after his interrogation in which he avoided answering questions to Police, while being allowed to make phone calls to unknown persons.

He then disappeared for hours and then finally contacted police and said his brother Rafael had finally showed back up and they were taking him to a hospital, because he was "in bad shape, on drugs"

Rafael was admitted to the hospital and was tested positive for cocaine, opiates and alcohol.

There is also the matter of the security guard on staff at Equus 66 the night of the murder, Fernando Merchan.

He initially cooperated with Police and testified Rafael Uribe Noguera's brother Francisco and sister, Catalina entered the hotel, before police were told of the location, while they were looking for Yuliana and suspect Rafael.

this article:

had this to say of Fernando Merchan's death:

Five days after her death, the case took a bizarre twist when a key witness – Fernando Merchan, the doorman of the building where Yuliana was killed – was found dead in his home.

Although Merchan’s daughter found a suicide note, police said they had not ruled out foul play. “My little daughters forgive me … but I do not want to return to jail. I don’t want to ruin your Christmas, I am innocent,” Merchan allegedly wrote in the note he left, according to Semana news magazine.

Officials allege Uribe and at least one other person tried to cover up the crime scene.

According to Merchan’s log and a statement he made to police, Uribe’s brother Francisco and sister Catalina spent several hours with him in the apartment where Yuliana was found before calling the police, although they knew officials were searching for the girl. The pair were questioned on Friday and have been not charged.

Another key point of contested information is the fact that there has been preliminary reports that Rafael Uribe Noguera may not have acted alone, and initially confessed to the involvement of another or other persons.

This has led some to believe in a cover up as insinuated by this article:

Translated article:

"Yuliana was bitten in the face by another person, besides Rafael Uribe Noguera

Apparently there are 2 different dental records, as recorded in the forensic report.

"This would mean that Rafael and someone else, who could be one of his brothers or a third party that we do not know, attacked the girl as well," says the newspaper columnist La República Jorge Hernán Peláez, going much further from the simple statement that The brothers only altered the scene of the crime.

 A rather daring position for the little evidence that until now exists and that is attributed to leakages to government eyedroppers. 

Yuliana, a 7-year-old girl, was found dead in an apartment owned by Rafael Uribe Noguera, after allegedly being kidnapped by him in a nearby neighborhood and carried in a high-end gray van. 

Rafael Uribe Noguera was captured, and his two brothers, Catalina and Francisco, the latter a well-known attorney from Brigard & Urrutia, will be interrogated for allegedly manipulating the crime scene and the girl's body to eliminate evidence .  

The brothers issued a statement in which they also declared themselves victims. 
Pelaez adds that the alleged drug and alcohol overdose for which Rafael attempted to be admitted to the psychiatric clinic Monserrat, which caused heart failure, was part of a defense strategy.

According to Peláez's account, the Uribe Noguera family already planned this legal strategy alongside the corpse of the girl Yuliana. While Rafael - the alleged murderer - was with his brothers called several well-known lawyers. 

Even the dean of the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Javeriana suggested the names of potential defenders. They spoke with Jaime Granados, Francisco Bernate, Ivan Cancino and other criminal defense attorneys, who rejected the case. 

According to Peláez, the Monday after the case was known, Francisco would have offered up to one million dollars for the defense in meetings with at least 2 of these super-lawyers, who sought to have him confined in a psychiatric center or house for Jail, to argue likely to be imputable to his mental state. 

But everything went out of hand when Rafael was rejected in the Monserrat and sent to the Clinic Navarra, and more evidence was made public, which raised many questions.

"The medical examination of Yuliana's body revealed bite marks from another unnamed suspect, indicating the involvement of another person(s)

Now we know from #Pizzagate, The Dutroux Affair, The Franklin Cover-up, The McMartin School Cover-up, The Hampstead Cover-up, and the Jimmy Savile Cover-up,  that there have been many child abuse investigations that hide the ritual aspects of the crime, and the Satanism of the perpetrators.

We also know the accused and his family are a part of the ruling class upper echelon, that are typically implicated in these kinds of Satanic Ritual Abuse cases, and appear to be colluding together to hide evidence of the crime.

Now is there an organized Satanic/Luciferian element in Colombia?

Why yes, yes there is.

Please note, there is no evidence connecting the temple to the murder of Yuliana, yet:

I am including this to show that the wealthy Uribe family could have been following a Luciferian philosophy in regards to their actions in the case of Yuliana Samboni.

Here is a video in English, take the commentary for what it is:

Here is the link to their blog:

So after googling a bit more I came across this article:

Here is a choice excerpt I found pretty interesting:

 "a self-proclaimed sorcerer has made it real in Montenegro, a town in the Colombian department of Quindío.

Víctor Damián Rozo, real name Héctor Londoño Villegas, told the country’s Semana magazine that his temple cost $200,000, money that he says he obtained from multiple sponsors abroad.

The ‘Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple’, does have legal status under Colombian law, and authorities have been able to look into activities being undertaken in the temple."

 However, Carlos Eduardo Osorio, governor of Quindío, and the archbishop of  nearby Armenia, Pablo Emiro Salas, emphasized that the cult should recognize that satanism is prohibited under the national Constitution."

Here is another excerpt that caught my eye:

" That newspaper further stated that he contradicts himself, as Rozo has been witnessed making sacrifices, such as those seen during his first appearance on local channel Televisa."

Then there is this nugget:

Rozo says that he is rich, well travelled and that he has received lots of contributions, although he later added that he doesn’t know exactly where the money comes from.

“I don’t ask if they (the contributors) are from the Sinaloa cartel or the Zetas,” he said to the magazine.

“A lot of people contact me and it’s very hard to know if they are or not,” he added.
Semana later unearthed that despite his wealth claims, Rozo’s wife Yeimi Florez remains one of beneficiaries of state subsidies in health, education and employment.

Are the Uribe Noguera family involved in Satanism/Luciferianism?

Only time will tell, as the evidence comes forth. However if there is a ritual element involved in Yuliana's murder, the possibility of other high ranking cult members in positions of influence, stonewalling the investigation and burying any findings is indeed very, very real.

Another very odd detail in this case about Yuliana's murder at the hands of Rafael Uribe Noguera and unnamed accomplice(s), is the scene of the crime. Equus 66.

Equus 66

Rafael Uribe Noguera before becoming a murdering pedophile, was an architecht, who built this hotel Equus 66, where his brother omitted it's existence when questioned by Police, and where Yuliana's body was eventually found after an attempt by unknown persons (brother Francisco and sister Catalina) at hiding the evidence.

My gf, who is Colombian, pointed out to me that the Equus logo, was lifted directly from a book by the same name written by Peter Schaffer, which was turned into a film in the 70's.

The story is about a psychiatrist who interviews a boy who blinded six horses, and there is some weird bestiality horse sex aspect to the story also.

I had never heard of, or even seen the film before Yuliana's murder.

here is a link to the IMDB for the film:

here is the trailer:

Here is some footage from one of the many theatrical versions:

I don't know why but the whole Equus link is extremely unsettling to me. It makes me think there is a whole twisted side of this saga that isn't being told. I feel it also gives insight into the twisted mind(s) of the perpetrator(s).

Any insight from anyone who has read the book or seen the movies or plays is very welcome.

Spanish is not my 1st language. This is what i have been able to find out so far, and to me, knowing what I know about #pizzagate, it is painting a pretty damning picture.

I invite  native Spanish speakers to come help investigate this tragic and sordid affair so we can bring light to Yuliana's death and justice to the monsters that killed her and are trying to cover it up.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to contribute feedback.

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