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Who is Frank Giustra? Investigating Clinton Foundation connections to the murder of Yuliana Samboni

Recognize the guy in the middle? Neither did I...

"Perhaps the biggest area of investigation should be the Clinton Foundation and their previous involvement in Colombia. One article, titled ‘Clinton Foundation’s Toxic Legacy in Colombia,’ investigates the unscrupulous dealings of the charity - with one union official saying he’s unsure of their involvement ‘other than exploiting poverty and extracting money.’¹³
Final person of interest is Frank Giustera, one of the wealthiest donors to the foundation.¹⁴ Giustera is close with Bill Clinton, who reportedly set up meetings with Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, after which Giustra obtained permission for his timber company to log in Colombia.¹⁵"   - u/Chief Videos, from r/conspiracy

So, I have borrowed some inspiration from Chief Videos, the reddit poster who posted some great work on r/conspiracy regarding possible Clinton foundation ties to the murder and rape of Yuliana Samboni, last week in Bogota, Colombia.

For those who are unaware, Yuliana Samboni was raped and murdered by a wealthy Architect from a powerful political family in Bogota Colombia 11 days ago.

You can read about it here:

It was pointed out by Chief Videos that a connection with Rafael Uribe Noguera, may be able to be made via Frank Giustra.

So who the hell is Frank Giustra?

In his own words:

"Below are the relevant facts relating to me, personally:
      1. I began working to finance the purchase of mining stakes from a private Kazakh company in early 2005. The purchase was concluded in late 2005. The purchaser was a company called UrAsia Energy Ltd. President Bill Clinton had no involvement in this transaction.
      2. On September 2, 2005, I traveled to Kazakhstan to finalize UrAsia Energy Ltd.’s purchase of the Kazakh mining interests. President Bill Clinton arrived in Almaty, Kazakhstan on September 6, 2005 on other business. President Bill Clinton did not travel with me, nor on my plane, as the New York Times reports. President Bill Clinton and I travelled together from Kazakhstan to India on September 7, 2005.
      3. I sold all of my shares, which were mostly held by my charitable foundation – The Radcliffe Foundation, in UrAsia Energy Ltd. in the fall of 2007, after it merged with Uranium One Inc. I would note that the shares were sold at least 18 months before Hillary Clinton became the United States Secretary of State. No one was speculating at that time that Hillary Clinton would become the United States Secretary of State.
I have devoted my life to the work we are implementing through the Clinton Foundation and will continue to take our work to many countries around the globe, improving the lives of tens of thousands of people. I am dedicated and committed to honesty, transparency, and accountability both personally and in all of my philanthropic work."

Ok Frank, sure thing. Mind if I take a crack at it, in my words?

Frank Giustra is a Canadian Billionaire that has spent at least 20 years raping (pun intended) Colombia (and other nations of the world) for natural resources with his friend and associate Serafino Lacono and his business partner Jose Francisco Arata.

Lacono and Arata own  "Pacific Rubiales Energy (TSX:PRE) [which] has a market cap of approx. $7 billion — and a 2012 net income greater than Facebook (age 9) and Linkedin (age 10) combined."

As stated in this article here:

This same article goes on to state that Londono owns a group of companies called "The Pacific Group"
 Stated about the Pacific Group:

"Joining Pacific Rubiales in the public portfolio is Pacific Coal Resources (Stock Profile - TSXV:PAK) and Gran Colombia Gold (Stock Profile - TSX:GCM).


 "Blue Pacific — Iacono and Giustra’s private company led by Jaime Perez Branger — owns ports under construction in Cartagena and Barranquilla, as well as power plants, farms, mines, and other infrastructure assets scattered across the country."

So needless to say Frank Giustra has a lot of pull within Colombia.  While further trying to find out about Frank Giustra and just what he is doing in Colombia I came across this super recent announcement in regards to gold holdings announced 11-25-16.


from the press release:

"Frank Giustra and his related entities filed an early warning report pursuant to the early warning requirements of applicable securities laws in Canada with respect to holdings in Gran Colombia Gold Corp. (the "Issuer").

Radcliffe Corporation, a company owned and controlled by Frank Giustra disposed of US$45,000 2020 Convertible Debentures of the Issuer. Prior to the disposition of securities, Mr. Giustra owned directly and indirectly 27,577,853 common shares, representing 9.93% of the outstanding shares of the Issuer and US$45,371 of the 2020 Convertible Debentures, representing 0.044% of the issued and outstanding 2020 Convertible Debentures of the Issuer. 

As a result of the disposition of securities described above, Mr. Giustra directly and indirectly owns in aggregate 27,577,853 common shares of the Issuer, representing 9.93% of the current issued and outstanding common shares of the Issuer and US$371 of the 2020 Convertible Debentures, representing 0.0004% of 2020 Convertible Debentures of the Issuer. Mr. Giustra is no longer deemed an insider of the Issuer and is not required to complete any further regulatory filings.

Mr. Giustra and his related entities acquired these securities for investment purposes and as disclosed in the Early Warning Report accompanying this news release, may in the future acquire or dispose of securities of the Issuer, through the market, privately or otherwise, as circumstances or market conditions warrant."

So we can take away the fact that Frank Giustra is still actively involved in big business in Colombia.  He runs with the powerbrokers and movers and shakers.

As the saying goes, "he who has the gold makes the rules."

I would like to point out that gold mining in Colombia, is an extremely shady affair, with rebels, drug cartels and multinationals all stewing together and mixing in a foul amalgamation of black and gray markets, indigenous abuse, human rights violations and environmental destruction, and wholesale looting.

Illegal gold mining has even overtaken Cocaine as the illegal undertaking of choice for criminal groups in Colombia.

In the previous article I wrote, I linked to Chief Videos' reddit post, and this part of his post stood out to me:

"Rafael Uribe Noguera attended Javeriana University, where his thesis titled ‘Sustainable Housing Complex For Low - Income Families’ focused on the Calderon Forest neighborhood, the same neighborhood where Yuliana Samboni was taken on the morning of December 4th.⁸ Previously mentioned, the father was Dean of Architecture at the University, with one former student calling him ‘a totally evil being’ who ’viewed the poor as animals, without any rights⁹.’
The wikipedia page for the University states that they participate in ‘volunteer programs with Mission Country Colombia, working in the areas most affected by social inequality and armed conflict in the country.’¹⁰
And lastly, a 2014 initiative by the Clinton Foundation (with a budget of $250,000) committed to developing programs in Colombia that would ‘devote at least 50% of its coverage to girls and women involved in the social impact space.’ Among the small list of partners is the Javeriana University.¹¹"
 Since Giustra is a power player with the Clinton foundation (he sits on the board) and also has his own Canadian charity called the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (website here: ) I think we may be able to find who and how he was funneling money from his charity and the Clinton foundation in Colombia. I imagine there is a papertrail.
Here is the mission statement taken from CGE partnership's website.
The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership seeks to provide disadvantaged communities with the tools needed to work themselves out of poverty.  We believe that the best way to accomplish our goal on a global scale is through the development of social enterprises.  When designing our approach, we wanted to create a solution that was not only simple and logical, but that had the potential for universal application. We feel that our three enterprise models of Supply, Distribution and Training will allow us to create meaningful, lasting social and economic impact anywhere that there is a market demand that is not being satisfied.  We believe our game-changing approach has unlimited potential.
We may discover he had a hand in directly funding Rafael Uribe Noguera's thesis project in the very neighborhood where he abducted 7 year old Yuliana Samboni. 
I am not a professional investigator, I welcome any journalistic assistance in this undertaking.
Here is an interview with both Frank Giustra and Bill Clinton talking about their Clinton Foundation dealings:
I believe this is a weak link in the chain and we need to keep striking at while the iron is hot. 
Frank Giustra himself can be heard backpedaling about his association with the Clinton Foundation in this article from the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership here:
From the horse's mouth

"Over the past few weeks, the Canadian registered charity I founded, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), has come under heightened scrutiny. Many questions have been raised about the Canadian charity, how our organization works with the Clinton Foundation, the various contributions and support that allows our organization to impact the lives of thousands of underserved communities around the world, and me – personally.
An article published in the New York Times (“Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal” April 23, 2015) suggests that my contributions to the Clinton Foundation were made to further my business interests. This is not true!" 
-Frank Giustra
Riddle me this Frank, why is there a book that alleges exactly that, if it is so untrue? 
Quote from the article:
 "Hillary Clinton’s role as secretary of state had a direct impact on the business interests of Canadian mogul Frank Giustra, a “friend of Bill” and major donor to the Clinton Foundation who benefited from her support of a 2011 free trade agreement, a much-anticipated new book alleges."
more B.S. from Frank Giustra:
" The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada) does not provide general operating support to the Clinton Foundation, but rather we contract with the Clinton Foundation to execute specific programs on our behalf, as they have the capacity, resources, specialized skill sets, knowledge, as well as established networks needed to successfully execute economic development activities in sometimes challenging environments. We provide ongoing direction on the use of our resources, holding the Clinton Foundation accountable for reaching established philanthropic goals that help further our charitable purposes"
This sure sounds like the kind of projects Rafael Uribe Noguera was involved in.
Once more:
 Rafael Uribe Noguera attended Javeriana University, where his thesis titled ‘Sustainable Housing Complex For Low - Income Families’ focused on the Calderon Forest neighborhood, the same neighborhood where Yuliana Samboni was taken on the morning of December 4th.⁸ 

When Bill met Frank

"Giustra and Bill Clinton reportedly first met in 2005, at a fundraiser for tsunami victims held at Giustra’s home in Canada. They quickly became jet-setting friends. That year, as Giustra was on his way to becoming one of the Clinton Foundation’s largest individual donors, an aide to Bill Clinton arranged an introduction between Giustra and the then-president of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, the Wall Street Journal reported. After the meeting, Uribe moved to begin privatizing his country’s state-owned oil company, Ecopetrol. Pacific Rubiales soon expanded its operations in Colombia in partnership with Ecopetrol, which was still being overseen by Uribe."

I still haven't been able to ascertain if ex-Colombian president Alvaro Uribe is related to Rafael Uribe Noruega, the murderer of Yuliana  Samboni. If that can be established we have a direct link from The Clinton Foundation to Frank Guistra to the Uribe Family to Yuliana Samboni being raped and murdered by multiple suspects & being covered up, to hide the links to #pizzagate.

It continues:

Giustra’s connections to Pacific Rubiales proved fruitful for the Clintons when in 2007 the oil giant became one of the first donors to a venture between Giustra and Bill Clinton. In a Pacific Rubiales news release quoting Giustra, the company announced that it was joining with its financial backers to give $4.4 million to the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP).
Incorporated in Canada as a “charitable business,” CGEP says it seeks to “generate both social impact and financial returns” for investors. A majority of CGEP’s partners have connections to oil and mining industries in Colombia. Two partners have major business interests in Colombia’s palm oil industry, which human rights groups say is in part responsible for the world’s second-largest internal refugee population, after Syria.

So Bill Clinton taught Giustra how to found, setup and run a charitable foundation it seems.  We can assume Giustra's charity is run in the same fashion as his mentor Bill's charity.
Giustra also sits on the board of the Clinton Foundation and has personally donated $100 million dollars (Along with Carlos Slim). I am almost positive he got it back and then some, with all the oil money that was involved.
He was basically given carte blanche by the state department to use the equivalent of slave labor, in his energy company Pacific Rubiales, while Hillary Clinton's state department turned a blind eye.
 "Human Rights Watch reported that in the same year Clinton visited Bogota, “threats against unionists -- mostly attributed to paramilitaries' successor groups -- have increased since 2007” and that “impunity in such cases is widespread.” The Colombian human rights group PASO International reported that in 2011, Pacific Rubiales “workers were forced off picket lines at gunpoint by members of the Armed Forces during [a] strike and only allowed to return to work when they had renounced the union.” In 2012, a Colombian journalist covering protests against Pacific Rubiales died after being detained by the police. A year later, a report from two Democratic members of the Congressional Monitoring Group on Labor Rights in Colombia found “murders and threats against union members and harmful subcontracting persist in Colombia largely unabated.”
In an effort to blunt unions’ criticism of the Colombia agreement during Clinton’s push for congressional ratification, her State Department specifically touted an accompanying Labor Action Plan that mandated that the Colombian government enforce its own labor laws and crack down on anti-union activities by employers and right-wing paramilitary forces. That deal was in addition to separate congressional legislation making U.S. foreign and military aid to Colombia contingent on the secretary of state certifying that the country was respecting labor and human rights.
Union activists in Colombia say that even though they were disappointed by the passage of the trade agreement, they hoped Clinton’s State Department would hold Colombia to the promises it made in the Labor Action Plan and consequently end alleged anti-union hostility at Pacific Rubiales."
Also from the article:
The details of these financial dealings remain murky, but this much is clear: After millions of dollars were pledged by the oil company to the Clinton Foundation -- supplemented by millions more from Giustra himself -- Secretary Clinton abruptly changed her position on the controversial U.S.-Colombia trade pact. Having opposed the deal as a bad one for labor rights back when she was a presidential candidate in 2008, she now promoted it, calling it “strongly in the interests of both Colombia and the United States.” The change of heart by Clinton and other Democratic leaders enabled congressional passage of a Colombia trade deal that experts say delivered big benefits to foreign investors like Giustra.
I am not an expert but that sounds a lot like a bribe to me. Can somebody say pay to play?
 Giustra is also involved with the Fiore group as evidenced by his youtube channel
The Fiore Group is an investment firm founded by Frank Giustra. It has to do with food and I saw him promoting GMO's in a food revolution video on his youtube channel.
Here is their twitter:
 Fiore Group


A private firm managing a broad portfolio of investments; specializing in food & lifestyle, art & entertainment with a proven track-record in natural resources.
Vancouver, Canada.
Media Mogul
Frank Giustra in addition to his multitude of activities detailed above, is also the founder of Lion's Gate Films and a major Hollywood insider. He also owns Thunderbird films, and Sea to Sky entertainment,  and Modern Farmer Media. 
From wikipedia:
 Giustra formed Lions Gate Entertainment in 1997, and served as chairman from 1997-2003.[9] He hoped to capitalize on the growing film industry in Vancouver. The company bought a number of small production facilities and distributors. Its first success was American Psycho, which began a trend of producing and distributing films far too controversial for the major American studios. Other successes included Affliction, Gods and Monsters, Dogma, and the Michael Moore documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, which turned out to be the studio's highest grossing film. In 2000, Giustra left the firm and it was taken over by Jon Feltheimer and Michael Burns. Giustra sold most of his stake in Lionsgate in 2003.

Do I even have to mention the mind boggling amount of pedophilia in Hollywood, for this to sound some alarms? 
Not to Mention his first film success was American Psycho.
 He also founded the Radcliffe Foundation, another charity.
from wikipedia:
 "The Vancouver-based foundation supports local and international disaster relief, economic development and homelessness charities, and offers children around the world hope for a better future."
If Frank Guistra is involved in the Satanic Pedophilia ring, my money is on investigating his charity. 
Jerry Sandusky (Second Mile),  Larry King of the Franklin cover-up (Boys Town), and Jimmy Savile (Open charities)  all utilized their charities to have access to a constant supply of children, to both abuse and pimp out to other abusers.
About the Radcliffe Foundation:  


The Radcliffe Foundation supports charitable organizations that alleviate poverty; enhance the welfare of children; improve public health; and/or promote and enable education. The Radcliffe Foundation has been dedicated to improving livelihoods worldwide for almost two decades.
The Radcliffe Foundation was established in 1997 by Canadian businessman and philanthropist Frank Giustra. The Radcliffe Foundation supports a wide variety of international and local causes, focusing on women, children, education, and jobs. Since 2005, the Radcliffe Foundation has been an active supporter of the International Crisis Group, a widely recognized independent, non-partisan source of analysis and advice to policymakers on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict. In 2007, Mr. Giustra and former U.S. President Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, with the mandate of creating social and economic development programs through impact investing, in parts of the world where poverty is widespread.
Mr. Giustra is a founding patron of the Boys Club Network, an at-risk youth mentoring support group in Vancouver, Canada. The Radcliffe Foundation was also an inaugural supporter of Streetohome, the first broad community-based initiative to bring together stakeholders from business, nonprofits, and governments with citizens to address homelessness in Vancouver. Most recently, the Radcliffe Foundation has actively responded to the ongoing refugee crisis by providing humanitarian aid to refugees in Greece and Turkey. Eight hundred of the most vulnerable refugees in Idomeni will get new accommodations in Thessaloniki, thanks to an unprecedented private-public partnership between the Radcliffe Foundation and the Greek Ministry of Migration.
For two decades, the Radcliffe Foundation has been dedicated to enhancing the welfare, health, and education of children; supporting programs to enhance health generally; and financing and promoting education.

The fact the Radcliffe foundation is international in operational scope, deals with children, at-risk youth and Women, in poverty stricken, conflict and refugee areas, just screams human trafficking and child sex slaves to me.

It must be noted there is no evidence of such. We need a formal investigation.

from wikipedia:

 On June 17, 2010, Giustra teamed up again with Carlos Slim and President Clinton to create a $20 million fund that will finance small businesses in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.[6]

 From what we know about #Pizzagate, Frank Giustra's links to Haiti with Carlos Slim, of all people, is a huge smoke signal to me.

I am going to leave you with this other work section of his wikipedia page to finish things off.

Other work

Giustra is president and CEO of Fiore Group of Companies, a private firm managing a broad portfolio of private equity investments. Giustra has an established track record of building natural resource companies through access to capital and creative deal-making. Fiore Financial provides advisory services to Endeavour Mining Corporation,[11] a gold mining company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Vancouver Magazine for numerous years has ranked Giustra in the Power 50 list of the most powerful people in Vancouver.[12]
Giustra is a co-owner of Thunderbird Films. In August 2011, it was announced,[13] by Alcon Entertainment that Ridley Scott will direct the new Blade Runner film. Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble, CEO’s of Thunderbird Films, will serve as executive producers. He also formed Sea to Sky Entertainment.[14]
Giustra became close with former US President Bill Clinton during fundraising efforts for tsunami relief in 2004. Giustra is a member of the board of trustees of the Clinton Foundation.[15] Giustra provided his corporate jet for Clinton's fundraising campaign in Africa. The two play the card game Oh Hell during flights.
In June 2007, Giustra joined with Clinton to launch the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership to address global poverty. Giustra committed $USD 100 million plus half of what he makes in the resource industry for the rest of his life. Carlos Slim Helú, the Mexican businessman and richest person in the world, made a matching contribution and Giustra is expected to enlist others in the Canadian resource industry.
Giustra is frequently quoted regarding gold and currency markets in publications such as Forbes,, and
Giustra cited Andrew Carnegie as an influence in his philanthropy but credited his wife, Alison Lawton, a dot-com millionaire turned human rights activist and producer of documentary films on humanitarian crises, with inspiring him about sustainable growth.[16]
Giustra is also a director of the International Crisis Group, an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization whose mission is to prevent and resolve deadly conflicts through high-level advocacy.
Recently, Giustra started Fiore Music, and Westsonic Music, and spends much of his time writing lyrics. He is also a guest blogger on the Huffington Post, under Dear Rich People.

He does stay busy, I will give him that.


A poster from the named Sciritae made me aware of a HUGE smoking gun in regards to Frank Giustra and #pizzagate!

I honestly can't believe I missed this crucial information. It is really the icing on the cake to this post.

The Radcliffe Foundation owned and founded by Frank Giustra has a branch called the Elpida Home. The Elpida Home is described as such from the Radcliffe Foundation website:
The Elpída Home for Refugees
*UPDATE* We are thrilled to announce the arrival of 160 refugees to Elpída Home in Thessaloniki Greece. An enormous thank you to everyone who helped make this project happen.
In partnership with the Greek Ministry of Migration, the Radcliffe Foundation is working with on-the-ground partners to open the Elpída Center to house refugees in northern Greece. Frank Giustra, Canadian philanthropist, businessman and founder of the Radcliffe Foundation, along with American philanthropist Amed Khan, finalized the paperwork to provide housing for 800 refugees – many of them women and children.
This pilot project, which is rehabilitating an abandoned clothing factory 20 minutes north of Thessaloniki, envisions an official camp designed with a humane approach, bringing together lessons learned and best practices from groups currently working in refugee camps in Greece. Collaboration with the refugees themselves runs throughout the process, giving them a say in their own welfare.
“We have spent time with our team asking what the refugees themselves want,” said project manager Mike Zuckerman. “We want to include them as much as possible in the process.” The refuge will consist of 140 units, which will house no more than six people each.

So what you may be thinking.

Well, aside from Thessaloniki and it's historic relation as a base for the Masonic activities that lead to the creation of the Donmeh, The Young Turks and the role it played in the Armenian genocide, (which is a whole other set of posts for another date), The Elpida Home used to have this logo
Which may look familiar to those who have been researching #pizzagate, as it is listed as a known Pedophile symbol on the FBI's list of pedophile symbols and is also the logo of Besta Pizza, which is located a few doors away from Comet Ping Pong, Politics and Prose, The Little Red Fox, etc.
From the FBI:

So Frank, care to explain why you had the logo and changed it? 
I truly wish US law enforcement was not actively helping out in the cover-up. 
We truly need to investigate this creep, his bribery and corruption, possible child trafficking through his charities, his links to shady business in Colombia, and specifically Rafael Uribe Noguera, his family, Javeriana University's link's to the Clinton Foundation & Frank's business in Khazakstan, his activities for the Clinton Foundation, and who knows what dirt he is suspected of in Canada.

 Let's bomb his twitter with #explainthelogo, #investigatefrank #paytoplay

So, is Frank Giustra the link to Rafael Uribe Noruega's family and the slaying of Yuliana Samboni?

I am not prepared to say so just yet, however at the very least Frank Giustra is a greedy (possible pedophile) scumbag who pals around with known pedo Clinton and Carlos Slim and is involved in all kinds of unsavory things, many of which are highly illegal.

Judging from the Elpida logo, Frank may be the Canadian arm of the #pizzagate scandal.

He may very well have directly funded a project with Clinton Foundation money that put Rafael Uribe Noruega in the very same neighborhood in Bogota, where he abducted Yuliana Samboni.

I invite other investigators to look into the plethora of connections and coincidences in this horrible crime, so we can bring justice to Yuliana Samboni and expose these sickos.

Anyone with a better grasp of Spanish than me could really make a profound impact in making progress in this investigation.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned. Keep fighting the good fight.

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  1. the Greek project couldn’t have happened without his friend Amed Khan, a former Clinton aide and investment banker, and Mike Zuckerman, co-founder of freespace, which converts unused space in San Francisco into places for artists and community groups.

    It’s Khan who has spent nearly a year working with the Greek government, the Orthodox Church, local charities and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to put together the project.

    After the Greek government agreed to pay the rent and utilities, Zuckerman moved in to consult with the migrants before designing the space to work best for them. He then managed more than 120 volunteers from around the world who did the renovation work.