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Yuliana Samboni and the Conspiracy of the Colombian Oligarchy

I was going to attempt to paraphrase the article, however my Spanish isn't good enough so I am going to pasta the google translate version (not perfect either). This article is powerful, lays the whole truth bare. My respect to the author.

translation of article:

Yuliana Samboni and the conspiracy of the Colombian oligarchy 
"When the crime is dressed in a white collar, the experts use gala gloves instead of latex to treat the blue blood stains with utmost respect" 

By: William S. S. | December 15, 2016This is an area of ​​free and independent expression that exclusively reflects the views of the authors and does not compromise the thinking or opinion of Las2Orillas.Yuliana Samboni and the conspiracy of the Colombian oligarchyIt is striking that Attorney General Néstor Humberto Martínez, on Monday December 12, gave the results of the analysis by legal medicine regarding the DNA samples collected at the crime scene of the girl Yuliana Samboni, referred very Euphemistically found "biological and genetic material" that undoubtedly blame Rafael Uribe Noguera.  

In other very close cases, such as that of Rosa Elvira Cely and those committed by Fredy Valencia, "Monserrate's Monster", the news and the prosecution themselves said very simply, more words, less words: "blood and semen samples were found in The crime scene, "with coolness and grain as usually happens in forensic determinations and to please the national morbid.

 It is noteworthy that as a client with a pedigree, nothing more than the family Uribe Noguera, the judicial authorities and the press have sought to mitigate the gravity of the crime with words and descriptions kindly, as if they sought to exonerate the guilty.  

His brothers Francisco and Catalina did the same, manipulating evidence and the body of the little girl, there is an atmosphere of conspiracy in all of this because of the stealth with which the case is taken, even, the means of power at the beginning did not know how to present The news, everything was presumptive, ambiguous, they did not want to put their finger on the sore, because one of theirs had embarrassed them all, undressed and stupefied they did not know what to do to cover their shame.When the crime is worn white collar, the experts wear gloves instead of latex to treat with extreme respect biological evidence and stains of blue blood at the scene of the crime.  

We saw it with the case of the disappeared of the Palace of Justice, today the man who gave the order to execute many innocents in the name of the "master democracy", is free and is a prohombre of the country that writes books all a national hero , This does not justify the guerrilla who took the Palace and committed a similar crime.

 Other crimes no less bloody, but at last inexcusable are the facts of corruption we remember the Nule Brothers, who, although they did not murder anyone, did commit a heinous crime against the capitaino treasury, criminals who today enjoy a contemptuous panoramic view of the Bay of Cartagena, relaxed watching beautiful sunsets and boats passing by the bay.Another is Samuel Moreno, who was giving his seventh without wives, very stiff and very nice, marrying "Do not worry Be happy", wearing a nice suit. And in order not to go further, we saw with amazement how Andrés Colmenares' crime gradually expanded, how evidence disappeared, criminalistic expert tricks, court suits, expiration of terms; The security cameras right in the pink zone did not register anything that day and other tricks that we already know by heart.

 Also, the riotous release of Andrés Felipe Arias, the creator of Agro Ingreso Seguro and the ticket he distributed as drunken narco to beauty queens and cronies.

 In these days, one of the national channels will present a special with "uribito" as it is affectionately known to whiten its image and to return to the arena, because the rancid national oligarchy is not allowed to discipline justice, because the Justice itself is subdued and bound by corruption and clientelism that originates from above.  

They always want to buy consciences of judges and witnesses or are relatives of the judges whom they put there for some political quota, they have everything calculated, for them there are no limits, they have never known them, they have done what they have wanted with the town, displacing it , Dividing it by false political partisanship and stealing the lands and allying themselves with murderers like the birds in the 1940s and the paramilitaries most recently; Making tricks and giving away winks and prebends from the Masonic lodges from where the unrestricted orders are given at the political and executive level, not in vain all the presidents have a past mason and only who has the endorsement the lodge will govern. So much secrecy hides unspeakable crimes under the mask of false altruism and brotherhood.For something to Gaitán, a Rosicrucian (Roa Sierra) murdered him when he was in the company of a recognized mason of the time (Plinio Mendoza Neira), Rosicrucianism is very close to Masonry.  

In the underworld of Freemasonry is known with crímeNes rituals as happened with the Mason Salvador Allende sacrificed a 11-S Do you know the date? 

 Entering into the conspiracy, it is noteworthy that the Equus 66 building is related to a 1977 Equus film, a passionate love a creepy crime, the tape that deals with a demon-possessed boy is sexually and religiously fascinated by horses and screams frantically when It's just how weird is not it?

 Uribe Noguera felt sexual fascination for the girls, he prayed meditated and shouted from his balcony drunk with madness and perico(cocaine). As the phrase goes, he also committed a creepy crime. Uribe Noguera recently said that in his high doses of parakeet(cocaine) the demons "came out".  

We know the amateur conspiretas, that the architects are very given to the cabal and the numerology, many of them are masons, recruited in the universities so that they are initiated in the first steps like apprentices, in addition its demiurge G.A.D.U. Is called "the great architect of the universe." Why do you think that the Avianca building carries in its nomenclature the number 666?  

Why is Grancolombiana lodge on 18th Street (6X3)? Favorite number of Kabbalists and Freemasons. I invite you to investigate the death of actress Sharon Tate on August 9, 1969 (in numerology 9 is a 6, deduct), then the wife of director Roman Polansky and the direct relationship that the film "Rosemary's baby" has with the crime Of the actress, if you know how to sniff Sherlock Holmes you will find surprising parallels and I do not tell you about the building where they filmed the film so as not to frighten you to tell you that there they killed John Lennon in another ritual 8-8 whose data I do not want to remember.

Independently of speculations And conspiracies, what must happen in this case is that justice is executed, which feels a precedent that contributes to a change of attitude at all social levels beginning with an awareness of the elites. 

Yuliana Samboni should be the limit , Enough is enough !, not one more, not one less!  

The Colombian oligarchy has to understand that they can make the quantum leap with respect to the moral renewal of the country as preached by the same caidillo Gaitán.  

 Why is it useful for the oligarchy to send their children to study at the Modern Gymnasium, or to do postgraduate studies at Harvard if they end up with vile white-collar rats robbing the resources that make it possible for the country to develop? 

 The crime committed by Rafael Uribe Noguera synthesizes the systematic violation that the Colombian elite has exercised against the people from generation to generation without guilty or consequences, except the people who have never touched it, and this has to end.  

It may happen that in a few years Uribe Noguera exculpt it, rig justice as they usually do and live in Miami laughing at life seeking new revelers, but social decomposition will continue its course, if the rich of this country do not contribute on their part and Are transformed from within, from the moral contagious to the people of its good vibes, giving an example working shoulder to shoulder for the growth of the country.  

It is impossible for them not to realize that countries as poor in resources vis-a-vis ourselves as Finland have top-level citizens thanks to social, cultural and educational investment, that Singapore is a "small island" with few resources and that today it is an economic power,  
 Because a rich man named Lee Kuan Yew dedicated himself to serve his country instead of exploiting his compatriots as happens here. 

In these days the minimum wage is negotiated and the businessmen shriek for fifty thousand pesos increase and so they want the poor Families have quality of life that ultimately the achievement that every balanced society should have right.  

In La Guajira they continue to steal and because of this robbery, children die of hunger, they build aqueducts where there is no water or it is impotable, how do they want no criminals to emerge from these contexts?

 We do not know what the future holds for us, if Timochenko will mount himself in power and expropriate the oligarchy to the right and the left as Chavez did in Venezuela, returning evil for evil, or we will see one of those surnames mentioned above in the Palace again, Dilating national development with fallacious demagogy.  

Something has to happen that makes change the chip of this soccer town, bullfighter and fucked, it is impossible that the years pass and we do not wake up to the future, because with Gaviria there was not. The people will touch when the oligarchy awakens and builds a revolution that pulls us out of the hole.

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